Woman, 49 years old
France (31)
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Bonjour je sais ce que je veux et surtout ce que je veux pas , messieurs cesser de m ' envoyés des messages de m ' harceler ! direct blacklisté ; .C ' est moi et moi même qui décide avec qui je dialogue et rencontre !! . Les messages sms cc slt etc... sans photos c 'est direct blacklisté . Ici pour des échanges cérébraux tout dans le respect la bonne humeur pour de belles rencontres j ' aime entre autre le chant . c ' est direct blacklisté Les gens ne vivant pas Toulouse Sud .


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Dating Serious

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165 cm 65 kg

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I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Zodiacal signs are marks to refine its relations with the others if one can see and use them to smooth the differences . A Capricorn is the most self-possessed person. Capricorn is the calmest sign, he doesn't know the irritation and always try to avoid conflicts and quarrels. With an acute sense of evidence, the Capricorn never takes a situation lightly. Fair and right, Capricorn is someone we can rely on. Capricorn hates lying more than anything.


Mohammed Ali, David Bowie, Jim Carrey, Jeanne D'Arc, Marilyn Manson, Kate Moss, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Ox is placed, organized and has a great mind power He may seem soft at first contact, but he works without failing to fulfil his mission. That's why, he often reaches his objectives at first. He is solid, sometimes sulky and radiates honesty.


The natives of the Ox are hardworking, steadfast and organized. They are pain resistant and have a great sense of devotion. The Ox is individual, noble, do not feel sorry and very sincere.


Some natives of the Ox can be soft, stubborn and despotic. This can lead some people to get away from them. Sometimes they are strong and even possessive and resentful. They also lack of the craziness that would improve their lives.

My lucky numbers are

1, 3, 5, 12, 15, 33, 35, 51, 53,