Man, 52 years old
France (35)
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L'amour est le miracle d'être un jour entendu jusque dans nos silences, et entendre en retour avec la même délicatesse. La vie a l'état pur, aussi fine que l'air qui soutient les ailes des libellules et se réjouit de leur danse. Je suis passionné de la nature, de la lecture, le voyage, la mode. Je suis très tactile très courtois et un peu curieux. N'hésite surtout pas à me poser des questions je ne mord pas


Looking for a woman


Dating Serious

Size & Weight

140 cm 40 kg

My interests


I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


Scorpio is brave and selfcontroled. However, Scorpio is very delicate, exclusive and full, and this increases his suspicious nature sometimes rough, up animosity. Scorpio turns out to be a being of exaggerated jealousy and sometimes antisocial. He is a very restless towards others. Scorpio is really suspicious. But he is also able to hide his brutality and be nice and cozy and also for himself very strict about etiquette .


Demi Moore, Sophie Marceau, Virginie Ledoyen, Julia Roberts, Picasso, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Dog is friendly, loyal, loving and very conformist but commonplace. He knows how to deal with problems to keep his environment unchanged. He doesn't bear injustice. Out of material considerations and unconventional, he likes hosnest and direct explanations. He is also defeatist and impertinent towards his relatives.


The natives of the Dog are loyal supports and are sensitive to righteousness. They are generous, fair and sincere.


The natives of the Dog are particularly anxious, defeatist, monotonous and stubborn. They are easely sermonizing their relatives

My lucky numbers are

1, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 19, 28, 30, 41, 45, 54,