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Pologne (86)
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Je suis un passionné et désire construire ensemble regardé dans la même direction. La plus grande vérité que la vie puisse nous enseigner, c'est qu'il suffit d'aimer pour l'être en retour. Je recherche la simplicité, l'honnêteté et l'authenticité chez une femme parce que la vie, c'est partager tout à deux et surtout garder le sourire chaque jour quels que soient les moments que l'on peut traverser avoir toujours la tête haute et respirer un bon coup pour vivre la vie, cette vie mérite pleinement d'être vécu et de savoir qu'il y a des personnes qui veulent nous voir heureux alors soyons amoureux de la vie et croquons ses opportunités avec sourire...


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140 cm 40 kg

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I am pretty popular


Zodiac sign


The natives of Leo are lucky enough to be born under the royal sign of the Zodiac. As tawny painted emblem, Leos love to be contemplated. Its height and the resolution announced in its actions transform him into an authoritarian person. He likes all that is majestic and brilliant. Disinterested in general, he attracts temptation. But he can not hide his irritation if he doesn't win what he wants. Leo is obedient and requires the same attitude to those around him. If Leo is despotic, he is not as cruel because his involvement forced him to engage fully in everything he starts. Proved to be honest and friendly, nevertheles he is easy quarelling when getting weary.


Madonna, Napoléon, Audrey Tautou, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Jagger, Fidel Castro, etc.

Chinese Zodiac


The Pig is particularly fulfilled and if we go further in the relationship, we discover someone fantastic. In a very good physical shape, sharp, he knows how to satisfy the small pleasures of his existence. Connoisseur of the good things in life, ha cannot say no. He is skillful for manual tasks and he is also very subtle and often good fortunate.


The native of the Pig is accommodating, kind and selfless. They are also very tender and voluptuous lovers.


People born under the sign of the Pig are sometimes excessive in carelessness, credulous, stubborn and childish.

My lucky numbers are

1, 3, 5, 12, 15, 33, 35, 51, 53,